Every wedding is different, and so is every wedding budget.  I believe that whilst I offer different collections to suit different budgets, I never compromise on the quality and service that I deliver.
These four collections are best thought of as a place to start.  I’m always happy to discuss any variations or special requests that you might have.

The Pearl Collection - £950 (no VAT)
Attendance at the wedding ceremony, including group photographs immediately afterwards
Attendance at the reception up to conclusion of the speeches
Electronic images from the day at a resolution suitable for printing up to 6” x 4”
On-line gallery so you, your family and friends can view and purchase photos from your wedding day directly from the website (so no need for you to gather orders and handle distribution of the photographs).  Images will remain on the gallery for at least 12 months

The Emerald Collection - £1350 (no VAT)
As the Pearl Collection plus:
A second professional photographer to add an extra dimension to the story of your day
Attendance at both bride and groom’s preparations (one photographer at each)
Attendance at the reception throughout the evening
Electronic images from the day at a resolution suitable for printing up to 12” x 8”

The Diamond Collection - £1795 (no VAT)
As the Emerald Collection plus:
Pre-wedding shoot at a mutually convenient location and complimentary framed 8”x 12” print
30-page Italian hand bound 12” x 8” (30cm x 20cm) wedding album with printed hardback or dust cover.   If that's not quite what you had in mind, we'll be more than happy to talk to you about variations, such as other sizes of album, more pages or different types of cover (e.g. die cut leather)

The Ultimate Collection - £2395 (no VAT)
As the Diamond Collection plus:
Complete freedom to choose any size and style of album from the GraphiStudio collection, up to 30 pages
Two 'Parent Books' (smaller versions of the album printed on high quality photographic paper and bound with a hard cover)

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