Planning a wedding is no small task (as I’m sure you’ve already realised) and choosing your photographer is another difficult decision to make.  I’d like to think that this site will help you come to the right decision for you, and fingers crossed that it also ticks the boxes for what I can do for you.
The first question that usually comes to mind is “how much is it going to cost?”  There’s a widely held view (that I strongly endorse, but then I would, wouldn’t I?) that you shouldn’t scrimp on the cost of your wedding photographer.  Just to take one example from who say “We’re all for DIY weddings and doing as much of it all you can yourself, but we think your photography is something that’s worth investing in. You’ll be looking back at these photos for years to come, so you want them to be the best they possibly can be to remind you of what a special day your wedding was.” I like simple pricing – see my Prices page for the full rundown.
Just as importantly, you need to consider what you’re going to get for your money.  I’ve put together some questions you should consider on my FAQ page – take a look and compare with the other photographers that you might be considering.
Last, but in many ways most important, is that you need to like the style of photographs that are produced, and be confident that the photographer you choose will do everything in their power to be unobtrusive, friendly, fun and of course produce fabulous images.  Start by taking a look at their gallery, then have a chat. I've collected a few examples on my gallery page.

Memories for a lifetime
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